Slip rings transmit information via electric contacts (brushes rubbing against tracks). For over 50 years, Exxelia has developed slip rings available in different versions: standard interface, hollow shaft interface, pancake (monobloc rotor and stator without bearings, rotor guidance being left to the customer), rotor and stator sold separately.

High RPM Slip rings

High RPM Slip rings

Main Features

  • Durable technology, long lifetime
  • Rotating speed up to 6000rpm
  • Integration in turnkey solutions possible (with FORJ, Rojo or optical encoders...)

Typical Applications

  • Naval applications
  • Helicopter applications


Technical Characteristics


  • High RPM

Type of signals

  • Power and Data


  • NAmm


  • NAmm

Number of tracks Max

  • NA


  • Customizable

Related Standards

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3D Models

  • No Model

Frequently Asked Questions

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