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Nouveau diélectrique céramique haute tension, haute stabilité

Exxelia annonce une nouvelle gamme de condensateurs céramique haute tension basés sur le nouveau matériau diélectrique C48X. Les condensateurs avec le diélectrique C48X offrent à la fois une grande stabilité en tension, une capacité élevée, un facteur de dissipation très faible et une tenue aux char...

La miniaturisation des systèmes électroniques est devenue un enjeu majeur et touche tous les domaines d’application. Afin de répondre à cette tendance, Exxelia Technologies (ex-Eurofarad) a développé une gamme de condensateurs céramique haute tension basée sur un tout nouveau matériau diélectrique (C48X) combinant tous les avantages des produits X7R et NPO/C0G.
En effet, le C48X permet d’obtenir les mêmes valeurs de capacité sous tension que le X7R, avec l’avantage indéniable d’avoir un facteur de dissipation extrêmement faible (moins de 5.10-4). De plus, le C48X supporte un dV/dT très élevé jusqu’à 10kV/μs, faisant de ce matériau une solution de choix pour les applications nécessitant une charge/décharge ultra rapide ou pour des systèmes d’allumage.
Les condensateurs C48X sont également parfaitement adaptés aux applications de puissance où la dissipation de chaleur peut être préjudiciable aux performances et à la fiabilité.

Les condensateurs C48X du groupe Exxelia ont été développés des tailles 1812 à 16080 pour des tensions allant de 200 à 5000V, avec une capacité maximale de 10μF à 200V (10 fois supérieure par rapport à la capacité obtenue avec une céramique NPO). Les produits stackés sont proposés avec une capacité maximale de 47μF à 200V.
Plusieurs solutions de report existent sur cette nouvelle gamme, compatible aussi bien avec un montage en surface qu’avec un report sur circuit à trous traversants. Toutes ces versions sont adaptées aux usages spatiaux et peuvent être conçues pour éviter le risque de whiskers (alliage étain-plomb à 10% de plomb mini). La gamme C48X est en cours d’introduction en EPPL ESA pour les tailles 0603 à 6560 de 100V à 1kV jusqu’à la taille 1210 et jusqu’à 5kV pour les tailles supérieures.

Quelques applications usuelles :
• Alimentations à 400Hz,
• Defense
• Spatial
• Filtrage AC ou DC en environnement thermique

Published on 05 Jun 2017 by Marion Van de Graaf

New Plug&Play filters for datacenters and mission critical facilities

Electronic equipment can leak sensitive information over conducted or radiated electromagnetic emanations, and signals transmitted down unprotected lines can potentially be intercepted. That’s why filters are implemented into systems to prevent EMI disturbances, as TEMPEST filters stop the high frequency EM signals (or noise) emanating inside the secured environment. Exxelia has a long history of manufacturing state-of-the-art electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering technologies for space, avionic and defense markets. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, Exxelia came to the conclusion that the installation of a product is as critical as its reliability, especially when shielding continuity and sensitive copper terminals are involved. That’s where Exxelia’s new full range of TEMPEST pluggable filters will save time and spare headaches! The 9260W series is a multi-socket line extension with a built-in 16A Tempest filter (minimum 60dB, from 100KHz to 1GHz), CE qualified according to EM 60950-1 standard. 9260W series Plug&Play solution is available with UK, US and EU standard plugs and can be provided with any other standard plug upon request. In addition, Exxelia completed its offer with the 9259W series of pluggable filters featuring various plug interfaces such as VGA/DVI, USB, Ethernet, Phone, Audio and much more. 9260W series and 9259W series are both fully compliant with EMC expectations and allow considerable time saving and cost-effectiveness. When a standard filter needs to be wired and shielded to each socket one-by-one before carefully re-closing the whole equipment, Exxelia new series can be installed using no special tools and with a smaller footprint. To all people handling sensitive information, a simple plugging operation is now enough to protect their data. Available now, 9259W and 9260W series are fully customizable upon request.

Exxelia at IMS

Ultra low ESR, high RF power and high self-resonant frequency The NHB series is a complete range of MLCC based on NPO dielectric material providing a very high Self Resonant Frequency and limiting the parasite Parallel Resonant Frequencies. The series is available in 1111 size with capacitance ranging from 0. 3pF to 100pF. NHB series offers excellent performance for RF power applications at high temperature up to 175°C and at 500 VDC. The lowest ESR is obtained by combining highly conductive metal electrodes and proprietary of new NPO low loss rugged dielectrics. NHB series particularly fits for high power and high frequency applications such as: cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point to point / multipoint radios and broadcasting equipment. Typical circuit applications: impedance matching, bypass, feedback, tuning, coupling and DC blocking. 100% invar tuning screws with self-locking system   Invar-36 is a unique Iron-Nickel alloy (64 % Fe / 36 % Ni) sought-after for its very low coefficient of thermal expansion. With 1.1 ppm. K–1 between 0°C and 100°C, Invar-36 is about 17 times more stable than Brass which is the most traditional and common alloy Tuning Elements are made of. The working temperature range in Space is so wide that this property becomes essential for a reliable and stable cavity filter tuning. Self-locking system is a technology commonly used on Tuning Element made of Brass or other soft “easy-to-machine” alloys but is innovative and pretty advanced when applied to hard and tough Invar 36. The design consists of two threaded segments separated by two parallel slots. After cutting both parallel slots, the rotor is compressed in its length in order to create a plastic deformation. Thus, an offset is induced between the two threaded segments which generates a constant tensile stress in the rotor from the moment threaded segments are screwed. High Q Factor Dielectric Resonators in large batches Dielectric resonators are designed to replace resonant cavities in microwave functions such as filters and oscillators. Exxelia with the support of ESA and CNES developed the E7000 series that provides a narrow bandwidth with smaller size. E7000 is Ba-Mg-Ta materials based that combines an ultra-high Q-factor and the possibility to get all the temperature coefficients upon request. E7000 features the high-performance requested for space use in the frequency range from 5 to 32 GHz, and guarantees up to Qxf > 250 000 at 10GHZ. Being one of the few manufacturers producing its own raw materials, Exxelia perfectly masters the production of dielectric resonators. Induced by the success of this new range, the company is now able to provide larger batches (up to 20kg of powder) of its E7000 series while keeping the exact same product properties, resulting in opportunities for cost-effective volume fabrication.

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